LeBron James’ NBA season wasn’t better than James Harden’s says Houston Rockets coach

James Harden

Houston Rockets assistant coach, Irv Roland checks in with Scoop B Radio’s Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson. Press Play Below To Listen!


LeBron James had an awesome NBA season where he led the Cleveland Cavaliers in a multitude of statistical categories and carried his team to the NBA Finals.

Some argue that James was the league’s MVP. Others say it was James Harden.

Insert James Harden’s trainer into the conversation.

“LeBron made the comment toward the end of the season where he said that no matter what seed the Cavs were in the east they were going to be a problem,” Irv Roland, Harden’s trainer, told Scoop B Radio. 

“He’s been playing in Olympics, into the finals every year like he’s been playing a lot of basketball so for him to be playing that hard and exerting that much energy from games 1 to 82 is tough.”

Roland, who doubles as a Rockets assistant coach and James Harden’s full time trainer, believes both players are great but the distinction of who had the better season comes down to one specific criteria.  “His level of hunger versus ours,” he said.

“We are trying to get our first title, I think is a little different.”



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