Iverson Molinar throws down ridiculous poster for Mississippi State

Iverson Molinar
Photo Credit: Mississippi State Athletics

Iverson Molinar is a young freshman for Mississippi State and has made an impact in almost every game he’s played already this season (Including a 21 point performance against Tulane just a few weeks ago).

Today, in Mississippi State’s win against Kansas State, Iverson Molinar threw down an emphatic dunk that certainly got people out of their seats.

Let’s let you get a better look at that dunk because that was seriously something special. I haven’t sat down since Iverson threw this one down.

This was Iverson’s way of showing the world that he isn’t someone to jump with. He will put you on a poster as Levi Stockard III of Kansas State had to learn the hard way.

Iverson Molinar, and the entire Mississippi State team for that matter, is certainly someone that you should continue to watch this season. He’s an extremely talented young guard who is exciting and can make an electric play out of nowhere as he showed us today.

Mississippi State took down Kansas State by a score of 67-61 today. They have 3 more games before they get to SEC Conference play as they host Radford, New Mexico State, and Kent State over the next few weeks.


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