Isaiah Thomas is going “all-in” on Kevin Durant, as he should

Isaiah Thomas & Kevin Durant

After the Oklahoma City Thunder gave up a 3-1 lead over the Golden State Warriors, the question of Kevin Durant’s next destination became the topic of discussion. Such a hot topic, it persuaded Isaiah Thomas to send out a tweet which was quickly deleted that read:

Like everyone else, Thomas understands the ability and talent that Durant possesses and he wanted to jump on the mission early:

“I just wanted the world to know, that’s who I’m trying to get,” Thomas said.

 Isaiah Thomas is not stopping there when it comes to his Kevin Durant recruitment. In an interview with the Boston Globe, he expressed that he plans on going ‘all-in’ for Durant:
“I definitely want to give him some time,” Thomas said. “I know that was a tough series and a long season for him. I wouldn’t want anyone calling me up about the biggest decision of my life right after the season’s over. So I’ll probably give him some time and casually talk to him, and then go all-in.”

What would going “all-in” entail?

“I mean, do everything I can to get him to sign, somehow, someway, hopefully,” Thomas said.

Going after Kevin Durant is the right attitude coming from Isaiah Thomas. The Boston Celtics haven’t seen much success since the departure of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen. Even though they’ve reached the playoffs in the past two seasons, they’ve ended in early exits in the first round. Kevin Durant would be that player to take them to the next level. They lack that go-to superstar who can demand a bucket at any necessary time and we know how Durant can score at will. Thomas was a great pickup during the off-season but they came to realize that he just wasn’t enough to get them to the promise land. Combine his ability with Durant’s and the current pieces that they have and we could be talking about a completely different team. So it just shouldn’t be Isaiah Thomas on the Kevin Durant recruitment train, it should be the entire Boston Celtics organization. What KD brings to the table is rare in the NBA and if Boston wants to take that next step, Durant should be their first stop.


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