Frank Vogel thinks Paul George is the best two-way player in the NBA

Paul George and Frank Vogel

Remember back when Paul George suffered the ugly leg injury while playing in the Team USA Showcase and everyone thought he would never be the same? Well, you might want to start watching some Indiana Pacers games if you still feel that way. Paul George has been on an absolute tear this season and he’s vaulting himself back into the best player conversation.

Just two seasons ago, Paul George was a top MVP candidate and the Pacers were fighting the Heat for a chance to go to the NBA Finals. Now that George is fully recovered from the leg break, he’s been getting back to his old ways. Check out some of these stats recently posted by PG-13:

In one of his most recent games against the Washington Wizards where George went for 40 points, 8 rebounds, and 4 assists, Frank Vogel had some big words about George’s game. Via Washington Post:

“It’s tough to quantify in words,” Pacers Coach Frank Vogel said. “I mean, he just does so much. He’s capable of going for 40, carrying the offensive load and being the best defensive player on either team. He’s a special player, and the best two-way player in the game. We’re a different team with him out there.”

It’s hard to argue with Vogel about this topic. Paul George was considered one of the best two-way players a couple seasons ago and with his level of play returning to that level, why wouldn’t he be considered the same now? Sure, other players have a case too like LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, and Jimmy Butler. However, Leonard and Butler aren’t scoring like George is so far, and LeBron hasn’t looked like the same defensive athlete we’ve been used to in the past.

The chart below shows the only players in the league this season to have an offensive rating of greater than 112 and a defensive rating less than 98. As you can see there are mostly big men with Stephen Curry, Kawhi Leonard, and Paul George in there as well. George also has the second best player efficiency rating behind only Steph Curry. Now, this is still a small sample size with the season still in its younger stages, so we’ll have to see how it plays out to know whether Vogel will be correct or not.

1Stephen Curry2015-1627GSWNBA161655633.6.536.2841.414.
2Draymond Green2015-1625GSWNBA161653518.6.405.2294.919.912.826.81.72.820.016.9118971.
3Festus Ezeli2015-1626GSWNBA161031218.6.000.57812.520.416.
4Kawhi Leonard2015-1624SASNBA141448925.6.245.1694.519.412.411.
5Chris Bosh2015-1631MIANBA141445321.9.321.4133.926.
6Derrick Favors2015-1624UTANBA141443125.4.006.3209.522.916.
7Paul George2015-1625INDNBA141449825.8.351.3664.821.613.
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