Stephen Curry: The most improved player of the year that’s not in the discussion

Stephen Curry
Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry heads down the court after making a three point shot during the second half of the Golden State Warriors 106-101 win over the Boston Celtics in an NBA basketball game in Boston, Sunday, March 1, 2015. (AP Photo/Winslow Townson)

The most improved player of the year award usually goes to someone that’s having a somewhat average career but then has a break out year. The obvious pick so far this season in my opinion is Andre Drummond. 

Andre Drummond
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We knew Andre Drummond was a beast on the boards but sheesh!! What he’s doing now is astonishing. He’s dominating the glass like no other in this league while contributing to Detroit’s early 8-7 record this season. He leads the league in offensive and defensive rebounding as well as leading the league in double doubles with 14 in just 15 games.

A stat line of 18.1 points to combine with 17.8 rebounds a game is something that can’t go unnoticed. When it comes to post players, double doubles are something that we have come to expect but when it comes to things such as triple doubles and 20-20 games, those are things that we love to highlight. Andre Drummond has 4 20-20 games this season compared to the rest of the league who only has one. Although its early in the season, I don’t see any reason why he can continue this hot streak.

Stephen Curry
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When it comes to the most improved player of the year award, it usually goes to a guy on the rise, making a name for himself in the league. It’s rare that it goes to a guy who’s top five in the league and a former MVP. As we know, Steph Curry probably won’t win this award and probably won’t even be considered but I believe he’s a viable candidate to win the award.

Curry is leading this record breaking, 16-0 Golden State team to tremendous success. The Warriors are running through every opponent by a whopping 15.6 point differential and its all behind the play of Steph Curry.

Curry Stats
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He’s leading the league in points per game with 32.1 shooting 51%. It’s very rare to see a guard shooting such a high percentage while scoring 30+ a game. Curry’s play has been remarkable and it seems that he just continued where he left off last season just on a higher level. His assists and 3-point percentage have dropped but everything else has increased. Steph Curry has become the most entertaining player in the NBA and it’s undeniable. He has made the three point line look like a free throw and it’s so fun to watch.

Yes this isn’t nothing new from Steph Curry but he’s taken his game and his confidence to another notch. Although he’s a former MVP, that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be considered for the most improved player of the year. His game has improved even more and it’s getting to the point where he can’t be guarded. Steph Curry is looking like the early 2016 MVP candidate but he’s also looking like the most improved player of the year as well.



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