Fisch’s Friday Rant S4E1: Dwight Howard what is you doing?


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Fisch’s Friday Rant is back with episode one of season number four! Hard to believe it has been four years since I first sat in front of a webcam looking like an amateur just to rant for all of you guys. Whether you really wanted me to rant or not is another story.

This week’s episode I touch on some of the latest and greatest topics that I’ve been reading about and watching unfold from the comfort of my computer chair. It was only right that the very first topic had to deal with Markelle Fultz and his continuously mysterious happenings.

Other topics include the beef between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green as well as the strange scandal that Dwight Howard is going through as he nurses a butt injury. You can’t make these things up folks! Check out the full episode and subscribe above!


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