Ed Davis Inks Three-Year Deal With Portland



Ed Davis, who said he would have loved to stay in LA, is now on his way to Portland to join forces with Damian Lillard and company. 

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports was on the case when the news broke:

So, now you may have be questioning whether that means Portland will re-sign LaMarcus Aldridge or not. Well, the Trail Blazers can still sign not only Aldridge, but they can sign Robin Lopez too. 

Say the Blazers do re-sign Aldridge and/or Lopez, that means they now have a very deep front court. The likes of Aldridge, Lopez, Davis, and Plumlee could be a force when the playoffs come around. They do have some questions regarding the back court though. Now that Batum and Afflalo are gone, they might have to make a couple more signings to get the bench in check. 

However, if they end up letting both of them go, then Plumlee and Ed Davis are a solid second option for a front court. They are young and promising, plus it could give them more options to choose from in free agency next offseason.


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