Deuce Dean 2019 PG Cracks Rivals Top 100

Deuce Dean

A couple of weeks ago we published an article on an underrated high school basketball player. That player was point guard Deuce Dean class of 2019. The Columbia, South Carolina native has been making a lot of noise on the national level with Team Loaded NC this summer. We mentioned that Deuce is a 6’4″ 180lbs pure point guard with a pass-first mentality. With his physical stature, it has helped with the maturity of his game. It allows him to bully guards his age without any issue.

When you are a complete guard like Deuce, these talents do not go unnoticed. We brought to your attention that he has already received offers from Kansas State, Virginia Tech, Toledo, Charlotte, and the Citadel. Schools such as Florida, Wake Forest, Virginia, South Carolina, Duke, Stanford, Tennessee, Tulane, St. Mary’s, St. Joes, Florida Gulf Coast, College of Charleston, Yale, and Princeton have started to show interest in the multi-dimensional guard.

Deuce Dean 2019
Photo by: The State Newspaper

With all of this attention and his play to back it up. This has earned Deuce to be ranked #100 for the Class of ’19 by Rivals recent edits to their Top 150 list. We predicted that he would crack the Top 150 soon. For Deuce to not even be on the Top 150 and jump to #100 shows me a lot. It also shows me potential. Potential in the sense that his name really just hit the national circuit and leaves potential to keep climbing the Top 100. I do not believe this is the end for Deuce. We are looking at a kid who could be 6’5″-6’6″ 190lbs-200lbs point guard in the next year or two.

With this kind of potential, I definitely see Deuce cracking the Top 50 in the next year or so. With making the transfer from Dutch Fork to York Prep this will allow Deuce to keep showing why his name will be a powerhouse for the Class of ’19 on the high school level. Our last article labeled Deuce as a diamond in the rough. What once was lost is now found.


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