DeMarcus Cousins Suspended One Game For Elbowing Al Horford Wednesday Night

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Sacramento Kings
“Gosh dang it they caught me again”

DeMarcus Cousins is absolutely one of the NBA’s premier players. He’s gotten off to an incredible start, averaging 27.5 PPG, 11.1 RPG, and has even developed a bit of a three-pointer, hitting 41% of his attempts from behind the arc.

He is also an extreme dummy sometimes.

Cousins has been known to get a coach or two (or five) fired from their jobs in Sacremento, while having various on-the-court incidents that spell out a pretty blatant final answer- DeMarcus Cousins probably isn’t the best guy to have in your locker room. But hey, you saw that stat-line! This guy isn’t just good, he’s a legit franchise player! So for the most part, the Kings pretty much just let Boogie be Boogie.

Well, the NBA appears to not be okay with that strategy.

After an incident in Wednesday night’s Kings vs Hawks game that saw Atlanta pick up a victory, Cousins appeared to purposefully elbow Hawk’s big man Al Horford in the head. Well okay, it doesn’t just appear to look intentional, it really is intentional. Look below.

Cousins makes almost direct eye contact with Horford before wildly swinging his forearm a the veteran Power Forward. Surprisingly, the refs in the game missed the call and the game continued on, with no personal or flagrant foul called against Boogie.

Today, the NBA corrected that right. The league announced that Cousins would be suspended one game, Thursday night against the Miami Heat, for the incident earlier today. This should serve as no surprise, but the Kings are 0-4 this season when Boogie doesn’t play, so there’s that.

Why does DeMarcus do stuff like this? God help us, a child might have seen this display of raw violence!


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