Danny Granger Reveals He Had Another Surgery


Danny Granger reveals to the Miami press that he had another knee surgery two months ago.


Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald broke the news over Twitter just a few days ago:

After this news, that means two of the three big signings by the Heat now had surgery in the offseason. Josh McRoberts had toe surgery, we now know Granger had knee surgery, and Dwyane Wade is notorious for not having a healthy pair of knees anymore. Granger already has been struggling lately due to bad knees, and even when he was healthy, he didn’t play well. Heat fans will have to hope that this surgery will give him much needed pain relief, but at 31 years-old a lot of NBA players start to decline anyway. 

Granger and McRoberts are both supposed to be at full health by the regular season opener. The only problem there is that they can’t build an on-court chemistry with the team beforehand. Every one knew that this team was going to take a hit when LeBron left, but now the impact may be even greater if some of the guys they picked up can’t get back to 100%. Maybe this year Wade and Granger will both take rest days and protect their knees. 


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