Blake Griffin exits Lob City? Should the Clippers trade him?

Credits go to: Rick Scuteri / Associated Press
Photo Credits go to: Rick Scuteri / Associated Press

Blake Griffin is one of the best PF’s in the NBA.

That should come as no surprise to NBA fans. Who was once known only as a highlight reel became and all-around power forward for the once irrelevant Los Angeles Clippers, who have rejuvenated their franchise thanks to the likes of Chris Paul and Blake Griffin himself.

The talent is there for Griffin no doubt, but the past few seasons have surrounded Griffin with controversy that could  him out of Los Angeles. His controversy with the team trainer, his injury history and the performance of the team without him playing have made the subject of him leaving LA, a possibility.

Of course it is difficult for a contending team like the Clippers to trade a player of his caliber but with Griffin entering free agency, trading the all-star might be the right thing to do for the Los Angeles Clippers.

Both Blake Griffin and Chris Paul are entering free agency after this season and that led many to believe that this is a make or break season for the Clippers. If they aren’t able to get to the NBA Finals let alone the Western Conference Finals, it might be wise for the Clippers to blow up the team and start over. The core of Paul, Griffin, and Jordan have been together long enough to make the Conference Finals/NBA Finals and they have yet to do so.

Since Chris Paul too, is entering free agency, leaving the Clippers might be an option for him too. The Clippers, who have two stars potentially leaving must trade one of them just so they can get some value in return instead of getting nothing in return. Blake would definitely get them more value back since he is a little younger than Chris Paul.

The Clippers have also seem to perform better when Blake Griffin isn’t suiting up for the Clippers.

When Griffin missed games for the Clippers in the previous season, the Clippers had a better winning percentage without the services of Blake. They also shot better and scored more when he didn’t play.

Clippers with and without Blake Griffin
How the Clippers performed with/without Blake in the previous season. Infographic via: TNT

As previously mentioned, it is difficult to trade a player of Blake’s caliber. However, if their team is doing better without him and has the potential to leave the team without getting anything in return, then it might be the correct move for the Clippers to trade their franchise power forward.

Featured photo credits go to: Rick Scuteri / Associated Press


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