Carlton Bragg Jr. Scouting Report

Carlton Bragg Jr.
Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

School: New Mexico

Year: Senior

Height/Weight: 6’10, 220 lbs



Carlton Bragg Jr. is a very athletic and talented player who has a very high ceiling.  He has shown the ability to stretch the floor with his shot. Bragg shows off a nice smooth stroke on his jump shot for a player of his size which could do wonders for him moving forward.

Bragg runs the floor very well and that goes along with his above average athleticism as noted. He is often very active on the offensive end and seems to always find himself in good position for an offensive rebound. He has nice potential as a P&R big who can either slip to the hole and make the easy lay-up or pop-out for the long distance jumper.

Above all else, what impresses us most about Carlton Bragg Jr. is his ability to run the floor and use his athleticism to finish at the rim.


The biggest weakness that is noticeable from Carlton Bragg Jr. is the fact that he seems to be moving around flat-footed. He doesn’t use his athleticism enough to his advantage nearly as often as he should be. This results in bigger defenders easily being able to block his shots and also limits his ability to rebound at an elite rate.

Many of us at the site who have scouted Bragg are also concerned with his on court IQ. Too often he gets himself into foul trouble with careless fouls that can easily be avoided. Many of his fouls occur because he is pushed to far into the post and is forced to foul because of the lack of strength he possesses. That lack of strength is a hindrance to his game on both ends of the floor.

Future Outlook:

Carlton Bragg Jr. is a very raw prospect who is getting older. Bragg Jr. didn’t progress the way we were hoping for at Kansas. Now, he won’t be able to play next season due to NCAA transfer rules and by December of next year, he’ll be 23 years old. There’s still so much potential that we can see in Carlton Bragg Jr, but he’s beginning to run out of time to turn that potential into something tangible. Unless Bragg makes a huge jump in the season that he is off and in the following one when he returns, it’d be hard to see him as a realistic draft prospect given his age and abilities. We’ll check back with Carlton Bragg Jr. at Arizona State in two years, but for now he’s a guy we don’t have to look much further into.



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