Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson Offers Analysis of Lakers Roster Makeup


The Basketball Society’s podcast series “Lakers Lair” hosted by Randy King, BJ Boyer, and sporadically Justin Kirkland, have been talking with several guests per week to discuss how the Lakers will look coming off of the hiatus. In the latest episode they were joined by fellow podcast contributor of the “Scoop B Radio” podcast as well as senior writer for, Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson.

Fans of 22 NBA Teams have been eagerly awaiting the return of play to conclude the 2019-2020 season. At long last, the wait is over. Tipping play back off will be the battle for Los Angeles when the Los Angeles Lakers take on the Los Angeles Clippers.

These two teams have gone at each other with each match-up this season with the advantage going to the Clippers two out of the three games. With several months off in between games, the game between each other to resume play will surely be a game to see which team is able to knock off the most rust.

Throughout the duration of the episode, Robinson had several key notes to add when asked about several pieces to the Lakers roster. One of the main players Robinson mentioned was the injured Rajon Rondo and would also add an update on how he is recovering with his thumb injury.

“He’s (Rondo) doing well, I spoke to his brother last weekend and he said that Rajon is healing and is on the mend and is doing what he needs to do,” said Robinson. “

photo via: Harry How/ Getty Images

One key player that has been rumored to potentially miss the ‘resumption opener’ against the Clippers is Lakers superstar Anthony Davis. Davis got poked in the eye in the Lakers second scrimmage and has been seen in practices sporting protective eyewear ala Amare Stoudemire and Kareem Abdul-Jabaar. When asked about if the Lakers could win a championship without a full healthy Davis, Robinson has this to say.

“If i’m frank vogel i could handle Anthony davis at 99%, 85% no, 75% no, you need a healthy Anthony Davis.”

The Lakers are not only set as a contender for the present, but have a few players waiting in the wings to be part of the Lakers future. Some of these players include Lakers draft pick Talen Horton-Tucker, Kostas Antetokounmpo, and Devontae Cacok. See which of these young players Robinson sees as a key piece going forward.

“I spoke to Troy Daniel’s in February during the All-Star breka in Chicago, and I remember asking him (Troy Daniels) what it felt like being the odd man out, and he was like I’m ready for it, if it happens, it happens,” said Robinson. “From everything I was hearing, that was the man I was hearing about so they could bring in (Markieff) Marris but nobody said anything about Talen but there something about him that they like.”

Listen to the link below for more on the conversation had with Robinson.


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