This can be the year for Brandon Jennings


The New York Knicks are coming next year with vengeance. For some, they’re tired of losing and for others they have something to prove. Guys like Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose will play with a chip on their shoulder. After basically being dumped from the Chicago Bulls, the desire to prove how good they still are will be very prevalent. And one other guy that many have forgotten about who will come into the season hungry is Brandon Jennings.

Often when we hear that name it’s usually dealing with something off the court, mainly on Twitter but that might not be the case this season. Jennings has found his way onto a team after holding on for dear life to remain in the league. His recent years have been a struggle, dealing with injuries and trying to play his way back. In the past three seasons he only played in 89 games, so his minutes in game time action have been limited. However, I believe the desperation will be there and the drive to be successful can will Jennings into having a great comeback season. He wants to play and even though people have previously questioned his love for the game, he ended those discussions with a tweet that he posted just a couple of weeks ago.

Although Brandon Jennings’ previous numbers may not be eye-popping, Brandon Jennings can ball! We’ve seen flashes of his greatness with his deceptive quickness and saviness with the ball. In just his rookie season, Jennings dropped 55 points after going scoreless in the first quarter becoming the youngest player to ever score 55 in a game. That type of production doesn’t come easy which goes to show what type of talent he truly has. Playing under Hornacek in a fast paced offense as the head of the second unit can really be beneficial. This can be the year for Jennings if he plays to his full potential and after being somewhat irrelevant in previous years, there’s a lot to prove for the 26-year-old guard which is why I believe this can be his year.

Watch Brandon Jennings hand out buckets to the Golden State Warriors with his 55-point performance:


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