Society Huddle: Ben Simmons, LeBron vs MJ, and Protests

Ben Simmons

Every Saturday, on Rabble TV, the Basketball Society hosts a show named the Society Huddle. A panel containing three of us, and sometimes a guest, talk about the latest topics in the basketball world. This week, we had the pleasure of welcoming a special guest and a friend of the Society, Brandon Robinson aka Scoop B, reporter/narrator of SCOOPBRadio.

The first topic of discussion today was the unfortunate injury of the Philadelphia 76ers number one pick, Ben Simmons. The entire city was excited after finally landing the number one overall pick in the draft, and this time the team’s draft pick wasn’t hurt and/or a Center. So, what does this mean for the team and the fans?

Another hot topic that has been around since LeBron James entered the league is the debate between Michael Jordan vs LeBron. Except our debate isn’t about which one will go down as the better player. We’re wondering if LeBron can reach the “standard” that Jordan set, and we bring up the thought that LeBron is this generation’s MJ.

Finally, the burning topic of protests in professional sports. What will the NBA do when it comes to taking action? Will we see just some more demonstrations during the national anthem, or will we actually see something being done?

Listen to the latest episode of Society Huddle HERE.


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