Baron Davis: The Return


Baron Davis

After 3+ years off, Baron Davis wants another shot in the league. Davis last played for the New York Knicks where he ended up tearing his ACL, MCL, and patellar tendon in the 1st round of the playoffs against the Miami Heat. The injury looked gruesome, even the Miami Heat players quickly turned their heads after seeing the damage up close. The damage was severe and it looked like his career would be over for good, until now.

After extensive rehabilitation, Baron Davis has signed with an NBA D-League team in hopes of making it back into the NBA, per Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports. It seems like the competitive spirit never left Baron as he continues to work on his game. He flew out visiting his NBA friends Matt Barnes and Chris Paul and worked out with them to see if he still had what it took. He even put together a Drew League team and got nothing but praise. Klay Thompson even said, “Damn, dog, you still got it.” With the NBA season halfway finished, Baron Davis is trying to keep up by hopefully impressing teams with his play in the D-League. One team remains interested, the Dallas Mavericks, but like every other team, they want to see him play first.

This is the first step to Baron’s return to the NBA. Nobody is going to want to sign someone that old and with a history of serious injuries, not unless he can prove himself to be great asset to a team with his veteran leadership. Who knows? Maybe he can play the role Jason Kidd played for when he was with the Knicks. It was revered that having Jason Kidd out on the court with Carmelo and the rest of the guys was like having a coach out on the floor with them, and perhaps Baron can do the same.

Maybe, just maybe Baron can pull off a remarkable comeback. Ryan Hollins sure thinks so, stating, “He can still play a couple years in this league.” God let’s hope so. I know everyone in the NBA will be rooting for Davis as he attempts this NBA comeback.


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