The Atlantic Files Ep153: NBA Bubble Talk

The Atlantic Files
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The NBA is back, so that means the Atlantic Files is back too! The only difference between the two is that there isn’t a bubble surrounding the apartment where the podcast is recorded. The NBA bubble is an interesting place that almost feels mythical when you hear about all the rules, bad food, and weird game atmospheres.

This week’s episode we talk about the preliminary bubble type of things. In terms of the Atlantic Division, a lot of fun things can happen with the four teams remaining in the playoff and championship race. While the Brooklyn Nets have lost almost their whole team, the other three teams are trying to prove a lot of doubters wrong.

Defending champs is a nice moniker, but they have to do more than just defend a title. The Toronto Raptors are also trying to show that they can win postseason games without their Finals MVP in Kawhi Leonard.

In Boston, the Celtics have a lot of young talent that is ready to break barriers into stardom level. Can Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown prove to be the one-two punch that people hope and expect they can?

Finally, you have the ever-mysterious Philadelphia 76ers. No one really knows if they’re going to show the level of dominance that allowed them to boast the best home record in the league or the level of awfulness that gave them one of the worst road records in the league. Ben Simmons is trying out playing the four more as Shake Milton may take over the starting point guard duties. A lot will be determined with their run in the bubble.

Listen to the full episode below:


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