The Atlantic Files Ep149: Joel Embiid tired of losing

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Here we are, over a week removed from the Philadelphia 76ers dismantling the Milwaukee Bucks on Christmas Day. Joel Embiid is talking about how losing is taking a toll and making vague comments about specific players on his team. How much can change in a week is pretty amazing.

That being said, on this week’s episode of the Atlantic Files, Alex talks about Embiid’s comments, how true they may be, and some of the other comments from the rest of the team. Josh Richardson says they don’t have enough accountability, Al Horford says he’s very limited in what he can do, and Brett Brown says they won’t be able to click their heels come playoff time and all of a sudden perform.

After that, there are some rumors flying around and news to talk about. Kevin Love is showing some frustration in Cleveland. The team isn’t doing well and he still has a lot left to offer. He was visibly upset in their latest game and the coach was only about half on his side.

Andre Drummond is the first big name to be thrown into the trade rumor spotlight. Two teams in the Atlantic are even rumored to be the ones that could trade for him. This begs the question, is he worth trading a lot of assets for?

Finally, Darren Collison wants to come back to the NBA, but only to a team that plays in Los Angeles. Wouldn’t we all?

Topic rundown:

1:50 – Joel Embiid comments and Sixers news

12:00 – Sixers clicking their heels

18:00 – Kevin Love frustrations

21:30 – Andre Drummond trade rumors and possible destinations

33:18 – Darren Collison wanting to go to LA

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