The Atlantic Files Episode 124: Kawhi Leonard Top Three in NBA

The Atlantic Files
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Kawhi Leonard is a top three player in the NBA and it’s time for everyone who has doubted that statement to stop doubting. This week on the Atlantic Files, Alex and Mike discuss Kawhi’s greatness, the other second-round matchups and what Dwyane Wade might do in retirement.

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After Game One of the Philadelphia 76ers and Toronto Raptors series, Kawhi proved his dominance yet again with his sidekick Pascal Siakam. The Sixers looked helpless while Kawhi looked like Thanos. Both Mike and Alex agree that this could be some very quick work by Toronto in this series.

Around the league, the Denver Nuggets ended up surviving the upset scare from the San Antonio Spurs, but now they face an even tougher test in the Portland Trail Blazers. The Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets matchup should just be the NBA Finals. Plus, the Boston Celtics give Milwaukee more than they can handle!

Finally, what will Dwyane Wade do in retirement? Alex thinks he might become the next DJ Khaled and make Miami his empire!

Listen to the full episode above.


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