Andre Iguodala Suffers Broken Nose, Still Likely To Play


Monte Poole of reported that Andre Iguodala broke his nose Thursday night, but is likely to play through it.


In the Warriors’ game against the Lakers on Thursday night, Andre Iguodala suffered a blow to the face that ended up being more serious than people thought. It is now known that he has a broken nose and it is very likely that he will just wear a mask and play through it. The news first came from Monte Poole on twitter.

Seeing that he’s likely to play through it means we might see Iguodala as the next masked player in the league. Most of the time, players will wear the mask for a couple weeks or so and then they’re back to normal. In the end, this won’t be too big of a deal and Iguodala should heal by the time the season starts. Since LeBron wore a black mask, maybe Iguodala will wear a blue or yellow one to go alone with Warriors’ jerseys. Probably not, but it would be cool, wouldn’t it? 


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