NBA Commissioner Adam Silver says that he played Pong & Asteroids in college


NBA Commissioner Adam Silver played Pong & Asteroids in college

Today marks the 25th anniversary of hit video game NBA Jam being released.

“He’s on Fire,” “Heating Up” and infamous codes for unlocked players like Air Dog, NBA Jam producer Mark Turmell and even former U.S. President Bill Clinton was A THING.

Ironically, on the day of the anniversary, the NBA held their inaugural draft for their NBA 2K gaming league.

Adam Silver, the NBA’s commissioner announced the first pick in the draft. Before the draft, I asked Commissioner about his earlier memories of video games.

“I think my early gaming was — do you remember a game called Asteroids,” Commissioner Silver told me.

“You know, that was sort of — a little bit of basic Pong, too, and Pac-Man. I think as an undergrad in college, I spent a fair amount of time playing those games, and for the younger people here, those were standalone games that you lined up for and you put your quarters on the game to get in line in order to play. But yeah, I was an enthusiast at the time. I think I never scored high enough where I got my initials up sort of in the top category, but I spent a fair amount of time playing those games. And to this day, I mean, one of the things that — in terms of our NBA 2K game, I’m a big fan of the iPhone edition.”




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