Aaron Gordon on Participating in the Dunk Contest This Year, “Probably Not”

Aaron Gordon

In 2016,  the site was All-Star Weekend in Toronto, CA, and the event was the Dunk Contest. It is a contest that featured Detroit Pistons center, Andre Drummond, Denver Nuggets shooting guard, Will Barton, Orlando Magic small forward Aaron Gordon and the returning champion with the Minnesota Timberwolves at the time Zach LaVine.

Barton came out with a classic Thriller Jacket and moon-walking paying tribute to the late Michael Jackson. His first dunk was a reverse between the legs landing him a score of 44. Drummond would follow that dunk up with a toss from the side catch and dunk at the rim. The dunk would land him a 36 from the judges.

Meanwhile, Aaron Gordon, was styling and profiling as he came up to the theme song of “The Classicman” by Jidenna. He also started by doing a reverse 360 dunk. Next up was the defending champion, Zach Lavine, as he came out to Drake’s smash hit Back 2 Back. LaVine tosses the ball over his head goes and gets it and cuffs the ball behind his back in mid-air and dunks it, and the judges awarded him the first 50 of the contest.

During the second go-around of dunks, Will Barton failed to complete any of his dunk attempts and earned a score of 30. Drummond brought out Hall of Famer Steve Nash as a prop to assist with a dunk that turned into a windmill giving him a 39. The creativity started to pick up with Gordon brought out the Magic’s mascot on a hoverboard. Gordon would end up jumping over the mascot and put the ball through his legs and finished off the dunk. LaVine was up next and brought Andre Miller out to assist him. LaVine caught an alley-oop from the free-throw line landing him a 49.

Gordon started the second round by bringing the Magic’s mascot back on a hover-board and started to spin, Gordon would catch it cuff the ball in one hand with the other behind his head, and dunked it. Ultimately, landing him a 50 from the judges. Lavine would end up following that up with a 50 of his own. Aaron though went back into his bag of tricks and brought his mascot back jumped over his head, and basically had a seat in mid-air putting the ball underneath his legs and dunked it. It even made Kenny Smith yell out his patent phrase, “I haven’t said this since 2000, “It’s over ladies and gentleman. It’s over again.” followed by “Let’s Go Home.” The contest would end by LaVine going back two back as the Slam Dunk Champion.

Earlier this season I spoke with Lavine about if he had any possible interest in returning to the Slam Dunk contest this year. “I’m going to let my legs get back into it, but I always have tricks up my sleeve,” said LaVine.

Meanwhile, as for Gordon in terms of the contest “Probably not this year.”



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