A Look Into The Offseason: The Philadelphia 76ers


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The 76ers tried to be bad this season, and they were. But, the 76ers have an unbelievable amount of potential. Brett Brown has committed to the 76ers and is energetic when talking about the future. Nerlens Noel was named Basketball Society’s Co-Rookie of the Month in March. Joel Embiid was out all season but has been compared to Hakeem Olijuwon. Dario Saric is in Europe for the next two years to refine his skills. Also, the 76ers potentially have four first-round picks dependent on where teams fall in the lottery. Realistically, they will have two or three first rounders. The 76ers have some holes to address with the current roster. In the draft and free agency, they will look to pick up a point guard and small forward. Lets take a look at who the 76ers will be looking at this offseason.

Free Agents

Kawhi Leonard:


Kawhi Leonard will be a restricted free agent looking for a max contract. Leonard fills a huge hole on the 76ers roster. He adds size and championship experience. Brett Brown worked for Gregg Popovich who is Leonard’s coach now. He is only 23 years old and has proven for a few years he is an All-Star caliber player.

Jimmy Butler:

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Jimmy Butler will also be a restricted free agent. Butler hasn’t been a star since this season but is averaging 20.3 points per game. If Butler goes to the 76ers, he will play the three and be one of the smaller threes in the NBA. He can score from all over the court. Butler also leads the NBA in minutes per game. He is young, reliable, and perfect for the 76ers.

Reggie Jackson:


Reggie Jackson doesn’t have a lot of experience as a starter, but has proved on the Detroit Pistons that he is a starting caliber point guard in the NBA. He is averaging 14 points per game and has a triple double on his resume. With Brandon Jennings returning next season, there is no need for Detroit to re-sign Jackson. Reggie Jackson with Isaiah Cannan off of the bench would give the 76ers stability at point guard for years to come.


Emmanuel Mudiay:

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Emmanuel Mudiay decided to play in China and it is hurting his draft stock. He is riding the bench which is confusing to me. His stock didn’t drop too far, but if he played at SMU he would potentially be the #1 pick. Mudiay is a true point guard and stands 6’ 5”. Floor generals are crucial in todays NBA. Don’t let the fact he is on the bench fear you.

D’Angelo Russell:

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With D’Angelo Russell on my list for the third straight day this tells me three things: Every team can use a combo guard, D’Angelo Russell is really good, and any of the big four prospects can fall to any of the top four teams in the draft. The fact that he can play multiple positions can lead to opposing matchup problems. With Tony Wroten, Russell would most likely play the one. The #1 player on the 76ers draft board is D’Angelo Russell. 

Justice Winslow:


WIth more then one pick in this draft, the 76ers will be looking at Justice Winslow. As a freshmen he has absorbed the spotlight on Coach K’s Duke team. He is in my opinion the best three in this draft class and the 76ers need a three. He can play the two or the three which can lead to more match up problems. Winslow and one of the other guards listed above would be a win at the draft.


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