5 Teams I Can't Wait To Play With In NBA 2K15


NBA 2K15

5 Teams I Can’t Wait To Play With In NBA 2K15

The time has come again indeed.

I’ve been an avid consumer of this game since it’s visible progressions in gameplay over the last few years. The realism of 2K’s on-the-floor functions have transformed the experience of not just playing the game, but having control, giving gamers and hoopers like myself more freedom to execute a real floor game.

I’m not the kind of 2Ker that plays better with some teams than others and only wants to play with the best teams. Some teams are much easier to operate with than others, but it’s always about knowing how to be successful with your personnel.

That being said, with NBA 2K15 dropping in stores tomorrow, here are five teams I’m especially looking forward to going to work with, in no particular order, and for their own special reasons.


5 Teams I Can’t Wait To Play With In NBA 2K15


Cleveland Cavaliers

This is easy. Kyrie, LeBron, Kevin Love. Two-man game, two-man game, and probably more two-man game. Hopefully the ball screen function is as smooth as last year (and even more optional) because with this team and talent there’s so much that can be done with it. The Cavs should become most people’s favorite team to play with for good reason: they have the most talented Big 3 in basketball.


San Antonio Spurs

Another easy one. The defending champs should have the high respect of the creators so I expect the game to somehow feature the style of play that the Spurs displayed in the NBA Finals. Tim Duncan’s player rating is a 90 which is a strong cornerstone. I’m looking for the 2K15 gameplay itself to cater to how the Spurs played in terms of their spacing and movement on the floor, which I thought the game made an awesome progression with already last year (options to space the floor or go 4-out-1-in on offense, etc.).


Dallas Mavericks

The Mavericks have a healthy balance of scoring options with Chandler Parsons in the mix with Dirk Nowitzki and Monta Ellis. You can alternate between Raymond Felton and Jameer Nelson at point guard and use Tyson Chandler accordingly. I’m just thinking offensively this might quietly be one of the more creative teams in the game and people will find them annoying to defend.


Chicago Bulls

Playing with the Bulls in 2K without Derrick Rose shows you just how hard it’s been for them to manufacture offense in his absence. Rose has a respectable 88 rating in 2K15, but this Bulls team will be fun to use because of their upgrade in the front court with Pau Gasol and their depth across the board. Playing inside, outside, fast, slow, or deep into the bench won’t be a problem using the Bulls.


Oklahoma City Thunder

Durant was pretty unstoppable in last year’s game, but now he’ll be considered the best in the game given his cover status on 2K15. Using the Thunder shouldn’t feel much different other than now having a shooter like Anthony Morrow on the roster instead of Thabo Sefolosha. OKC is deep in the front court and great to use defensively, plus it’s always a lot of fun to have the offense of Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant at your disposal.










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