Fisch’s Friday Rant: All-Star Snubs

Paul Millsap, Joel Embiid, All-Star Snubs

Every year, when the All-Star game is ready to take place, and the voting comes in from the fans and coaches, we all hope and pray that our favorite players make the cut. Twitter campaigns are rampant, stats are tweeted after every game, and trash talk is spewed all over the place. This season was no different, and it even started when just the starters were announced.

Well, now that the reserves have been announced, we can finally talk about the true All-Star snubs instead of just a “starter snub.” Russell Westbrook was the hot topic when the starters were announced, but everyone knew he was still going to get into the game. However, when it comes down to guys like Rudy Gobert, Joel Embiid, DeAndre Jordan, and Paul Millsap, there’s been some uncertainty. Minute restrictions this, and winning records that, bounced back and forth from fans of all teams involved. I wanted to throw my own name in the hat of arguments, but I wanted to wait for Friday.

So, here is my official arguments about the 2017 NBA All-Star rosters. You may agree, you may not agree, but one thing we can agree on is that popular vote doesn’t mean much anymore.


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