2-4 Tuesday: Kobe vs. Antawn

kobe vs antawn

December 12, 2000

One of the great duels in recent memory that no one talks about. Kobe Bryant vs. Antawn Jamison. Both of these young stars would match each other literally basket for basket to the tune of 51 points apiece. The warriors would prevail 125-122 as Jamison would reach the 50 point mark in consecutive games. Jamison’s stat sheet: 51 Points (21-29 FG/ 7-9 FT) 13 Rebounds, 5 Assists. Bryant’s stat sheet: 51 Points (18-35 FG, 13-13 FT), 8 Assists, 7 Rebounds but a mind-blowing 8 Turnovers. Kobe did the bulk of his damage from mid-range, Jamison mixed it up from the perimeter as well as from midrange. The lakers were still hungover from their championship, however they would run through the playoffs en route to title number 2 of the Shaq/Kobe Era. The Warriors would finish at the bottom of the Western Conference, so it’s safe to say this win against the eventual champions was probably the highlight of their season.


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