Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard’s downward spiral into NBA oblivion

Dwight Howard’s eight seasons in Orlando featured many accomplishments both for the Magic and for himself. He led the league in rebounds per game four times and also led in blocks per game twice. In addition to all of the great things he did statistically, he is most known for taking the 2009 Orlando Magic

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Charlotte Hornets, Dwight Howard

What has Dwight Howard’s value become?

“I’m happy to be home,” said Dwight Howard during his Atlanta Hawks introductory press conference last July. “I know I am in a totally different place physically, mentally and spiritually than I was three years ago. This is a really new beginning for me. I’m happy to share it with my loved ones,” Howard continued

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Why Free Agency has ruined the NBA

What happened to the day when a player got drafted and stuck with that team throughout the duration of their career, trekking through all of the peaks and valleys? Is there such a thing as player-to-team loyalty anymore? Where did all of the rivalries built off of hatred between players and franchises go? Those days are now dead.

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Credits: Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

What If Chris Paul went to the Lakers?

The Lakers were so close to grabbing a star to pair with Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles. No, not Dwight Howard. Chris Paul. You guys probably know about that. The Lakers were able to acquire star PG, Chris Paul in a three-team trade with the Rockets. Unexpectedly, however, David Stern vetoed the trade because the

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Southeast Division

Will Dwight Howard actually improve Atlanta’s defense?

Now that the Atlanta Hawks have swapped out players in the starting center spot, the question for many will be whether it’s a positive swap or not. Tiago Splitter, Hawks big man, thinks this will turn out to be a great move in terms of defense. Via AJC.com: “(Howard) is a little bit more of

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Whose team is the Atlanta Hawks?

The Atlanta Hawks who had the second best record in the NBA just two seasons ago and held the 4th seed in the Eastern Conference last season. They made some huge changes this offseason. These changes included losing two of their top three scorers in Jeff Teague and Al Horford, but they received Dwight Howard, who

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Dwight Howard has a fresh start with the Hawks

Dwight Howard, born in the Atlanta area, agreed to sign a three-year deal worth $70.5 million with the Hawks in free agency. Howard has been under much scrutiny the past few seasons for not really being a team player and butting heads with teammates, causing turmoil on and off the court. It almost seems unfair that a

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VIDEO: Dwight Howard working to end Hack-A-Howard

At the end of workouts, Free throws are very important.. New routine looking 10x better for Dwight Howard (Atlanta Hawks).🔥🏀 @lethalshooter___ @ttwersky @stancehoops #NBA #LethalShooter A post shared by NBA Shooting Coach (@lethalshooter) on Jul 2, 2016 at 8:20pm PDT We all know Dwight Howard has had problems at the free throw line throughout his

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Fisch’s Friday Rant: Free Agency Rumors and Oklahoma City Thunder

Two things are in full swing right now, the NBA Playoffs, and rumor season for the upcoming draft and free agency period. So, why not rant about both of them? First, I address the rumors about DeMar DeRozan going to Los Angeles to play for the Lakers, and the report about Dwight Howard being the

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Dwight Howard, Inside The NBA

New Light Shed on Dwight Howard after candid ‘Inside The NBA’ Interview

Current Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard made an appearance on TNT’s Inside the NBA on Tuesday night, and although the biggest Howard heckler, Shaquille O’Neal, was absent from the set, things still managed to take an engrossing turn as Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley drilled Howard with a slew of tough questions ranging from his

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