James Harden

Fisch’s Friday Rant: James Harden, Advice, and Pettiness

Fisch’s Friday Rant is back for another week of constructive criticism! Well, maybe not too constructive, because rants aren’t that constructive, right? Anyway, it’s time to talk about this weird, hot takes about James Harden and Kobe Bryant. They’ve gotten out of hand and everyone who has taken part on Twitter needs to stop immediately!

Then, Kyrie Irving decided to bring some level-headed advice to the table for the Ball family. It really is some great advice, but it’s not falling on willing ears at all, so sports parents all around should listen instead.

Finally, the NBA is petty. We knew it’s been petty, but we haven’t talked too much about it. Now that the 2008 Celtics are taking petty to a new level, we get to talk about it!

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