Doc Rivers

Was it smart for the Clippers to extend Doc Rivers?

The Los Angeles Clippers have come to terms with head coach Doc Rivers on a two-year extension. The 19-year NBA coach has shown a proven track record of winning and re-building franchises. However, the recent extension granted to Rivers may have been gifted to him based on previous successes and experience over the current situation the

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James Harden

Fisch’s Friday Rant: James Harden, Advice, and Pettiness

Fisch’s Friday Rant is back for another week of constructive criticism! Well, maybe not too constructive, because rants aren’t that constructive, right? Anyway, it’s time to talk about this weird, hot takes about James Harden and Kobe Bryant. They’ve gotten out of hand and everyone who has taken part on Twitter needs to stop immediately!

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