Working Class Wednesday: Andrew Bogut


Whether it’s “Chef” Curry’s saucy handles and rapid fire release, or Klay Thompson dropping 37 punto’s in a quarter, the trigger-happy Golden State Warriors are easily the flashiest team in the Association.

But their quest for the Larry O’Brien rests on the shoulders of a man who has made only two three-pointers in his career: Andrew Bogut.

Bogut dunk
(Rocky Widner/Getty Images)

Bogut, the starting center for the Dubs, epitomizes the grit and hustle of Working Class Wednesday. He is the anchor inside for a team that lacks sufficient depth at the five spot, an interior beast who can rebound, defend, and score inside when given the opportunity.

Some might doubt Bogut’s toughness because of the hefty amount of games he’s missed the past few years. Then they remember that he endured one of the most gruesome injuries in recent memory. Oh, and he’s Australian.

Bottom line, if the dandy from Down Under can stay healthy through the postseason, the Warriors will eek out those nail biter games when the cylinder seems just a tiny bit smaller.

Now, enjoy 91 Andrew Bogut dunks:

Do you think Bogut is the key to the Warriors’ postseason success? Give me a holler @MarkAGavigan.


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