Wizards sign Scott Brooks as new head coach

Scott Brooks

Adrian Wojnarowski hits us all again with another report via twitter that Scott Brooks will be headed to Washington D.C. to coach John Wall and company.

This comes as big news for the Wizard faithful. After a very underwhelming season, bringing a guy like Scott Brooks can help in many ways. First, and probably foremost for a lot of Wizards fans, he has a relationship with Kevin Durant from his tenure in Oklahoma City. This may not hold that much weight in the Durant free agency sweepstakes, but it looks like a nice addition to their resume.

On top of that, Brooks has the ability to form a close relationship with superstars. He can get guys like John Wall and Bradley Beal in his corner, and help attract some other superstars because they have seen what he can do with the likes of Durant and Westbrook. The Wizards general manager made a point that he wants to get a guy who can build some respect and a relationship with the main guys already on the team. This is what made Brooks their main guy on the grocery list.

Scott Brooks held a record of 338-207 in his seven seasons with the Oklahoma City Thunder, and won the Coach of the Year for the 2009-10 season.


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