Winning By Doing the Little Things



A wise man once told me that to win games, your team must do all of the little things. These things often get overlooked in the equation of success, but when you add them to the equation, you’re almost guaranteed a win everytime. Things like diving for loose balls, saving balls going out of bounds, and communicating on defense. These aspects of the game may seem so minuscule in the grand aspect of things, but they are so crucial in each and every game. One saved ball can turn into a fast break down the court that could lead to a three or an ‘and one’ that could change the whole momentum of a game..

melo saving ball
With the playoffs coming up, every second of each game and every decision matters. It’s crunch time and it’s all about who wants it more. Who’s going to dive for that ball or deflect that pass that’s on its path to an open shooter? The little things have nothing to do with skill, it’s all about heart and will. Who wants it more? This is the time of the year where drive and passion means everything. The team that gets all the small things done and gives it all they have are more than likely going to come out on top in the end.

There is no letting up; it’s playoff time!


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