Will Myles Powell Get Drafted?

Will Myles Powell Get Drafted?
Credit: Evan Anderson / Basketball Society

Myles Powell has been one of the best players and shooters in all of college basketball these last few seasons. He is one of the best tough shot makers we have seen in quite some time. Despite all of this being said, there is still this question being floated around…Will Myles Powell get drafted?

Our answer is a firm yes, but it may be more complicated than that. First of all, this is a very deep draft and there are a lot of players that have excelled in college ball and deserve to hear their name called, like Cassius Winston, Payton Pritchard, and so on. But, still, Myles Powell has been a different breed of player these past few years so it would be odd not to hear his name called tonight.

The other reason as to why he may not be drafted could be similar to Ky Bowman’s decision from last year. If you don’t remember, Ky received calls from teams in the 2nd Round saying that they wanted to draft him. But Ky elected to bet on himself and sign with a team as an undrafted free agent. Shortly thereafter, he winded up with the Golden State Warriors where he had a very solid rookie season. It’s very possible that Myles Powell decides to do the same thing.

Take a second, if you have one before the draft, to see me breakdown this question on our Instagram page:

So ultimately…Will Myles Powell get drafted?

My answer is yes, but only if he wants to. Otherwise he may bet on himself. If you are a fan of Myles Powell (which you should be), don’t be too shocked if you don’t hear his name tonight.


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