Why the Sixers Signing of Kendall Marshall is a No Brainer


The Sixers have plenty of point guards on their roster for this upcoming season. They had some viable options for the position in Tony Wroten and Isaiah Canaan, or even Pierre Jackson, but they have now signed a point guard for the forseeable future in Kendall Marshall.

The Sixers announced Wednesday that they signed Marshall to a four-year deal with $2.1 million guarenteed this season. With the signing, the Sixers recieve a guard with great court vision who can distribute the ball better than any guard they have on their roster. Tony Wroten is known for his quick slashing ability, but can be eratic at times causing him to produce a lot of turnovers. Isaiah Canaan is an average shoot-first guard with low effiency when he sees time on the floor, so this signing of Marshall gives the team a guard they can trust for this season.

Unfortunately, Marshall will have to miss the first part of the season as he is coming off an ACL injury.

People will argue that Marshall is another guard who can’t shoot, just like former Sixers starting point guard, Michael Carter-Williams. Marshall has improved his three point percentage to 39% last season where it was around the low 30’s in seasons before. The Sixers love to run and shoot three point shots so the fact that he has proven he has the ability to knock down the open jump shot, it’s better than Carter Williams who has a .252 career three point average.


The run and gun offense of the Sixers might have to change since they will be building around Jahlil Okafor. If Okafor wants to be dominant in the post, they will have to slow the offense down some. Marshall can play in either offense and we will see if the Sixers try to keep the high paced offense or switch to an offense that allows Noel and Okafor to settle in the post while the guards space the floor.

Marshall will translate well to Philadelphia’s high paced offense as he averaged 8.8 assists per game when he was on the Lakers in 2013-2014.

With the worst point guard lineup in the league, this is a move the Sixers had to take. It’s a very low risk gamble and costs them virtually nothing. If Marshall shows potential they have the option of keeping him around even longer. If he doesn’t, there is no harm because they would be back to where they started in their point guard lineup.

The four-year deal is another contract that plays into the criminal mind that is Sam Hinkie. If Marshall is a serviceable starter, or even a better rotation guard, he is on an extremely small contract that leans in the Sixers favor. Marshall couldn’t do what most players would try to do, which is bet on themselves to play well on a shorter contract. His knee injury took that opportunity away and Hinkie saw the opportunity to take a good point guard at a very inexpensive rate.

It will still be another long season for the Sixers as they are looking to get better and build pieces for the long haul. One thing is for sure, the Sixers will be playing big ball this season with Nerlens Noel and newly drafted rookie Jahlil Okafor. Fans want to see Okafor and Noel work together to become a dominant tandem. If Okafor wants to become the best rookie this upcoming season he has to recieve the basketball at a high rate. Marshall can feed players the basketball at a high efficent rate so this signing was a no brainer.


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