Why Are There Bandwagoners?

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Let me be clear first. This article IS NOT a history into where bandwagoners originated from. Rather, I decided to write this piece to state my opinion on the idea of a front-running bandwagoner in general and how it doesn’t make sense to me.

I’m a Philadelphia 76ers fan and I like to pride myself on that. I will be a fan of the team up until they find success and many years afterwards. The satisfaction that will come when we win a championship will be much greater than if I just jumped ship to join a different bandwagon. That’s how I’d imagine it would feel for everyone else.

With Kevin Durant leaving Oklahoma to join the Warriors this summer, many of the not so passionate fans will be turning into Warriors fans. (This is not a shot at all Warriors fans. Many, I know, have been fans for a long, long time.) These ‘not so passionate fans’ are the people who confuse me.

Everyone loves rooting for the underdog.

I’m sure you have all heard the statement above before. We’ve heard it many times in our lifetime. For some reason, it doesn’t apply to the NBA and that has always confused me. If that statement were true, that everyone loves to root for the underdog, then shouldn’t we see more 76ers and Nets fans instead of Warriors and Cavs fans? There’s something missing here.

Everyone wants to be happy. The thing is though, happiness can present itself in different forms for people. As a Sixers fan, my happiness from watching professional basketball comes from when the Sixers win. For any other die hard NBA fan of a different team, you should have the same feeling. 

But, for a casual NBA fan, I’m sure it’s different. Their happiness must come from any win in general, for whatever team’s bandwagon they have decided to jump on. 

Now, we all love to watch good basketball. Some bandwagoners like to root for brilliance on the floor. When Steph Curry is dominating, there are those fans who decide to then call themselves Warriors fans. Let me tell you this: 


Trust me, being loyal to a team will bring you a much greater happiness in the end than if you were to change teams and start immediately rooting for one of the best teams. 

I personally don’t have any problems with bandwagoners. If you are watching this great game that we all love, that’s all that matters to me. But, again, you will enjoy watching the game much more if you give your heart and passion to one single team. 


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