What type of player are you?


Basketball inherits all types of players that do things differently. Each player has a special gift and talent that they bring to the game, which is what makes it so special. You get to watch other moves and styles and incorporate those into your own game. Some players are more diverse than others and well balanced, but each player has that label of what they do well, so what type of player are you?

If you don’t know who Hot Sauce is, GOOGLE HIM!

Are you a walking And-1 highlight mixtape? Handles out of this world, crossing each and every defender in sight? A player with flare and swag that puts on a show every time the ball is in your hand? Impossible to defend because you can simply do whatever you want with the ball?

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Or are you a dead-eye shooter? The type of player that a team must locate every second of the game. Reading and running your defender off screens to get yourself open for a shot. Perfect form, perfect arc, a guaranteed basket whenever you’re left open. A shooting connoisseur, that’s a guaranteed bucket whenever you’re left open.

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Maybe you’re a lock-down defender. CLAMPS! Nothing can get past you. First team-all defense, as Tony Allen would say. Aggressive and gritty. The guy everybody wants on their team because they don’t want to compete against you. An agitator with quick feet and quick hands with a desire to do what it takes to stop their opponent from scoring. No space, nothing easy, zero handouts.

nash-awesome-passAre you a playmaker? A visionary with eyes behind your head that sees plays and teammates open before anyone else does. A scorer’s best friend. The player that doesn’t care about their points but does everything in his capability to get everyone involved. Whether it’s a behind-the-back pass, bounce pass, chest pass, no-look, lob, overhead pass– any pass as long as the ball gets there pass. The true definition of a point guard that puts everyone but himself first.

rodman_sunsYou could also be the HUSTLER! That role player that does it all on the floor. Blood, sweat, and tears on both ends. A sacrificial lamb on the court that does all the little things. Rebounds, blocks, steals, and things that don’t show up on the box score like screens, tips, talking on defense, taking charges, and diving for loose balls. The guy that proves that:

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. -Tim Notke

The guy that often gets overlooked but is greatly appreciated. We haven’t forgotten about you.

michael jordanOr are you the guy that everyone wants to be? The go-to man, Mr. Buckets himself. The player that can score in bunches in any and every way possible. Shoot it, post it, get to the basket, floater, dunk — any way you want it, you can have it. The “you tell me which way to go, I’ll go, and proceed to score” player. The down by one, we need to score guy. The player that everyone strives to be, but only a few have it in them.

You may be one of these players or you may be a combination of some. However, which ever one you are, make sure you perfect it and be the best one at it. But never become complacent. Perfect your strengths and improve your weaknesses and beat your opponent from every aspect of the game. Be great!


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