Wade And Lakers Have ‘Mutual Interest’



According to Matt Moore of CBS Sports, Dwyane Wade could be looking at the Los Angeles Lakers as a possible destination in free agency.

There were a couple teams that you had to assume were going to be apart of all this Dwyane Wade talk. One of them being Cleveland because of the LeBron and Wade duo in Miami, and the other being the Los Angeles Lakers. The contract situation continues to thicken between Wade and the Heat, so Lakers rumors had to step into the party.

The Lakers could potentially make this move if they offer Wade a big money, short term contract. They could have a lineup with two aging Finals MVPs, and three young guns. Wade could play the 2 guard and Kobe could be moved to the small forward position. Then, Clarkson could be at point guard, and then Randle plus potentially Okafor/Towns could round out the front court. 

They could have a very good offensive team, but when you think about this starting lineup from a defensive standpoint, it may not be the best of ideas. It would be hard to say no to signing a former Finals MVP and champion. Although, investing that much money in two players who are both injury-prone could be a big problem. Wade’s knees and Bryant’s aging body could be a bad omen if they decided to team up. 


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