Video: Throwback Thursday – Baron Davis Puts Andrei Kirilenko on a Poster


davis dunk

In 2007, the Golden State Warriors were trying to make some changes to their team to make themselves relevant in the Western Conference after constant disappointment. They made a big trade in January of that season that landed them Al Harrington and Stephen Jackson to help out their superstar point guard, Baron Davis. That season was a battle but they were able to scrap their way into the playoffs, gaining the 8th seed; marking the first time the Warriors had made the playoffs since 1994. believe gswTaking on the highly favored Dallas Mavericks, who made the Finals the previous year; many gave the Warriors no shot to advance but that’s when the ultimate “We Believe” chants rang out from Oracle Arena and they pulled off the incredible upset, winning the series 4-2. With all the momentum behind them, they would head to Utah to face the Jazz. Golden State came up short in both match-ups but they still had hope knowing they were headed back to Oakland to play in front of their home crowd and that’s when this happened:

The reactions to this dunk are PRICELESS!

Personally this is one of my favorite dunks of all-time and definitely one of the most disrespectful dunks the league has seen. Andrei Kirilenko was lucky that memes weren’t around in this era because he would’ve been the laughing-stock of social media for a long time. Baron Davis was in his prime and was regarded as one of the premier point guards in the league; and when he started his drive to the rim, I didn’t know what to expect. I remember watching this from home and jumping up off the couch yelling with excitement.


I was a little upset by the technical that was given following the dunk because I’m one of those guys that feels you should be able to do what you want after a dunk like that but hey, rules are the rules. However, the fans and the crowd loved it and the Warriors ultimately went on to win that game but lost the series 1-4. However, Baron Davis put himself in highlight history, giving us one of the best facial dunks ever.


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