VIDEO: Nick Young gets ejected after wilding-out on Anthony Tolliver


Many of the Los Angeles Lakers’ games this season have ended in 15 to 20-point drubbings, and Sunday night’s outing against the Detroit Pistons was no different. 

The Lakers were hammered 111-91 by the Pistons, and the frustration that has surely been mounting over the past few weeks was channeled in a puzzling fashion by Los Angeles reserve Nick Young.

Young, who had not seen time on the floor the past few games due to some reason unbeknownst to the public, was tapped to play garbage time on Sunday and after getting fouled by Anthony Tolliver on a dunk attempt, decided to channel that frustration by foolishly pushing Tolliver for no apparent reason.

Referees quickly reviewed the play and ejected Young, who finished with zero points in seven minutes of action. 

Mark Medina of the L.A. Daily News was able to get some thoughts from Young regarding the incident postgame.

Getting waxed on a nightly basis, uneven shot distribution and an a spot in the rotation that is not secure is sure to induce anger, but Young’s got to be smarter here. If Scott really didn’t have a reason to sit him before, he sure does now. 


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