VIDEO: Memphis Grizzlies obliterate two Laker dunk attempts with huge blocks


During an early Sunday evening matchup between the Los Angeles Lakers and Memphis Grizzlies, forwards JaMychal and Jeff Green (no relation) obliterated two Laker dunk attempts with two huge blocks. 

First JaMychal met Lou Williams in the air during an attempted assault on the rim, stuffed it back in his face, and sent the home crowd into a tizzy. 

Several minutes later Jeff decided to join the party by hustling back on defense and stuffing Nick Young on what seemed to be a sure transition slam. 

JaMychal’s rejection was more authoritative, but I think I like Jeff’s more because he busted his butt to get back and make that play. People always gripe about the NBA’s defense or lack-thereof, but there was no shortage of effort on that one. 


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