VIDEO: Lance Stephenson slaps himself, flops terribly


i-4Lance Stephenson flopped in a major way on Saturday night.

During the first quarter of the Charlotte Hornets’ 112-87 loss to the Golden State Warriors on Saturday night, Hornets guard Lance Stephenson executed the flop of the century, and duped the referees into calling an offensive foul on Harrison Barnes.

As Stephenson tried to hustle over a Barnes screen, he slapped himself in the face and flailed his arms to make it appear as if he had been struck by the Warriors forward. Check out Stephenson’s epic flop below:

With his antics, Stephenson has officially stolen the flop king crown from Boston Celtics rookie Marcus Smart, who was anointed king of the flop earlier this season with his acting job against the Dallas Mavericks.

Here’s my reaction to the heavy flopping going on so far this season.



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