VIDEO: Kristaps Porzingis channels his inner Steph Curry



Steph Curry is known for his infamous pre-game ritual that features a lot of ball handling, left handed hook shots, and half-court three pointers. Before he goes back to the locker room, he makes sure to hit a shot from the tunnel to end his workout on a high note. With the New York Knicks visiting Oracle tonight, for their game against the Golden State Warriors, their team had practice yesterday and the rookie himself channeled his inner Curry and hit ‘Theeee’ shot from the tunnel. 

This might be the best look he’ll get during his time in Oracle Arena. They have a tough match-up tonight against a hot team that’s playing at a high level. Kristaps will be seeing two great defenders tonight in Andrew Bogut and a very physical Draymond Green. The Golden State Warriors haven’t been beat at home in quite some time but if Porzingis is hitting shots like this, maybe they’ll have a shot. 


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