VIDEO: Kobe Bryant has his first post-retirement interview with Ellen Degeneres


I was wondering how it long it would take for Kobe Bryant to make his first appearance post-retirement and it didn’t took long as he appeared to discuss life after basketball. During the interview he spoke on things such as the pressure he felt during the last game, his relationship with Shaquille O’Neal, and if he’s satisfied with his decision of retiring. At his speech before the season started, he explained how he was ready to hang it up and how he looked forward to life after basketball and he uttered similar words while speaking with Ellen:

“Yeah, it feels-it feels right to me. Like I-you know, it’s um — I’m very blessed to be able to say that I just don’t want to play anymore. It’s not like my body forced me out, it’s I don’t wanna do it anymore, I’m ready to move on. “

Kobe is really at piece with leaving the game behind and its hard to fathom the thought of NBA basketball without being able to watch #24 out on the floor. That tenacious and vicious attitude out on the court is something we’re going to miss from Bryant. But we got to see another side from him during this interview with Ellen. No one really knew he had a humorous side and he got to show that as he and Ellen pranked a doctor who thought she was giving a diagnosis to an ailing Kobe. Check it out below.


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