VIDEO: Jay Williams makes his come back but it ends at the hands of Yung Hezzy

Jay Williams
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The former 2nd pick in the 2002 NBA draft made his comeback on the court in a friendly wager with MTV comedian, Andrew Schulz. Jay Williams had a great amount of potential coming out of Duke University but those hopes ended shortly when he suffered a tragic motorcycle accident. His injuries included a severed main nerve, a fractured pelvis, and three dislocated ligaments in his knee which kept Williams from returning to the player that he once was. He tried to make a comeback but luck wasn’t on his side as he was waived by two different teams.

No one has seen Jay back on the court until now. It was announced that he would appear in a one-on-one match with Andrew Schulz during the “Brilliant Idiots” podcast which features Charlamagne tha God and Andrew Schulz. The premises of the match-up was that they would play up to 7 points, with Schulz starting with 6. They would each put $500 in a pot and the winner would take it all. The 2002 college player of the year was completely confident in his ability to stop Andrew from scoring but Schulz kept bragging about his ‘Hezzy’ (hesitation) and how Jay wouldn’t be able to stop it.

Charlamagne and Amin Elhassan from ESPN, called the game from the side, giving their opinion and commentary on how Schulz was going to lose. Jay Williams started off great, getting whatever he wanted on the offensive end and putting the clamps on Yung Hezzy; however, Jay may have gotten to cocky when it came to game point. A determination came across Andrew’s face and once he got the ball, he hit him with the unthinkable. Take a look!

Brilliant move by Andrew Schulz rocking the North Carolina uniform.


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