VIDEO: Evan Turner gets ejected for hitting referee with ball



Evan Turner got ejected Wednesday night after tossing the ball at a referee. 

Boston Celtics guard Evan Turner was ejected from the team’s preseason game against the Toronto Raptors Wednesday night, after he tossed the ball at a referee. Turner had already been assessed a technical foul for jawing at the refs during the third quarter of the 92-89 loss, and his second technical came when the ball lightly tapped referee Eric Lewis on the leg.

Jay King of MassLive caught up with Celtics coach Brad Stevens after the heartbreaking loss, and he had some things to say regarding Turner’s ejection.

But after drawing one technical foul, Turner lightly tossed the ball in the direction of the referee. The second technical came instantly. As the wing made his way off the court, he continued to run his mouth.

Stevens said he “got a sense” of what Turner said.

“But you’d have to ask him,” the coach said.

Was the ejection earned?

“I thought so,” Stevens nodded.

Lewis may have overreacted a little bit, as the ball bounced twice before brushing against his leg. If he had been looking in Turner’s direction, he could’ve easily caught the pass and no ejection would’ve been necessary. Hopefully this is something that doesn’t happen much in the regular season.





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