VIDEO: Dwight Howard working to end Hack-A-Howard


We all know Dwight Howard has had problems at the free throw line throughout his career. Maybe after 11 NBA seasons, he has finally realized something needs to change in order to get his career back on track. Howard was seen today working with NBA shooting coach Chris Matthews to try and improve his free throw shooting with distractions of claps in his ear. Howard has fallen victim to Hack-A-Howard the past few seasons with teams fouling him for the soul purpose of hoping they will only get 0 or 1 point out of his free throw woes. Dwight Howard ranks 22nd all time in free throw attempts with 7,831 attempts from the free throw line, while only making 56.8% of those free throws. That is a poor number for any NBA player, so it seems only right for him to try and find a way to fix it.

Now a member of the Atlanta Hawks, Howard hopes to bring a more improved center to the team as they lost big man Al Horford to free agency. Howard had his lowest free throw percentage of his career at 48.9% and took to Instagram to say that you can’t let ‘negativity creep into your ear gates’.

Here’s to hoping Howard can just improve on these free throw shooting failures. He is starting lose a little bit of respect around the league so this can only help him.


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