What to look for with Kevin Durant in Golden State


Kevin Durant on the Golden State Warriors, depending on who you are, is the most exciting thing to look forward to next season. Not many expected Durant to join the Warriors but in a basketball sense, it was the smartest decision he could’ve made. The offensive options that Golden State will have are going to be endless. They were already dynamic but when you add a top 5 scorer in the league to that mix, what more can you ask for.

Some things that are troublesome are the deficiencies on the defensive side of the ball as well as how the chemistry will pan out amongst players. Guys like Klay Thompson and Draymond Green may see their numbers drop just a little and Kevin Durant may not get ALL of the shots but with the way Steve Kerr has constructed this team and offense, they’ve put “US” over “ME” and he’s done a good job getting his players to buy in. This upcoming season will be interesting but it will also be entertaining!

Pick and Pop between Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant is mind boggling to me. A lot of teams like to double Curry off of the pick but when you have Durant popping out to the three point line, that’s a very dangerous set-up for a former MVP. He’ll have an open lane or an open three, which he’s more than capable of making.

Pick and roll between Stephen Curry and Draymond Green will be even more dangerous now because Golden State has an extra shooter out on the floor. Those looks that Harrison Barnes got that he couldn’t finish in the NBA Finals will now be given to Kevin Durant. Open corner threes and open lanes to the basket will be all there for him because a pick and roll between Stephen Curry and Draymond Green causes so much attention.

Last but not least, just envision the Kevin Durant and Draymond Green pick and roll. Durant has the ability to turn the corner as well as come off the screen and take the three if the defender isn’t there. With those capabilities, should the defense double? Yeah, that may be an answer but if Durant dumps the ball off to Green and help comes, you now have the two best shooters in the league, and maybe history as spot up shooters taking an open shot, which they will probably make 95% of the time (I didn’t fact check that number, but if you’ve watched these guys shoot, that’s an accurate number).

How do you stop that?!

You Aint got the answers sway kanye west


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