VIDEO: Draymond Green gets a text from Kobe Bryant after Game 4 loss


Draymond Green and the Golden State Warriors are facing huge adversity with one loss away from being eliminated from the NBA playoffs. Last night, they suffered their first back-to-back loss for the first time this season in a game where it seemed they couldn’t do anything right. The length, energy, and toughness of the Oklahoma City Thunder seemed to rattle the Warriors and it has them playing way out of their game.

It has impacted Draymond Green, especially in these last two games where his effectiveness out on the floor has been nonexistent. He’s not making shots, he’s turning the ball over, and he’s simply not that staple on defense that he’s been these past two seasons. Following the tough loss in Game 4, he received a text from his new buddy, Kobe Bryant, who gave him some words of encouragement and motivation. Green shared a part of the message which included:

“If making history was easy then why bother?”

The Golden State Warriors reached unthinkable heights this season which is why their current situation is gut wrenching to some. To go out this way after the great season they had would be devastating and a horrible ending to their record breaking year. Kobe Bryant is a usual companion to adversity and is one to like it. Uncomfortability is his forte because it brings out the fight in him. I’m not sure what else the text message said but I’m sure its something that Draymond Green should keep in mind. Winning 73 games in a season is no easy task and if there’s one team that’s capable of coming back from a 3-1 deficit, it’s this Golden State Warrior team and I’m sure Kobe Bryant uttered that same message.

Check out the Uninterrupted video below which features an inside look with Draymond Green before and after Game 4, where he talks about his message from Kobe Bryant.


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