VIDEO: Dion Waiters begs LeBron for the ball, LeBron ignores him


i-1Poor Dion.

Dion Waiters is such an interesting player. The ultra-confident, shot-happy Philadelphia native has had some trouble gelling with the Cavaliers this season, and some consider him to be trade bait as Cleveland continues to hunt for a big man to replace the injured Anderson Varejao. Waiters, who comes off the bench for the Cavs, is averaging 22.3 field goal attempts per 100 possessions, which is more than starting power forward Kevin Love, who averages 18.2 field goal attempts per 100 possessions.

Per 36 minutes, Waiters is averaging 15.4 FGA compared to Love’s 12.5. So let’s cut the fancy, smhancy, analytic crap and put it in Layman’s terms: DION WAITERS LIKES TO SHOOT! 

Last night against the Orlando Magic, Waiters felt as if he had the perfect opportunity to shoot the ball, but teammate LeBron James felt differently, ignoring Waiters’ numerous calls for the rock. Check out Waiters’ pleads below:

Poor, poor Dion. 





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