VIDEO: DeAndre Jordan makes first career three-pointer vs. Mavericks


When DeAndre Jordan is around the three-point line, he is typically setting a screen for Chris Paul; but in Friday’s matchup with the Dallas Mavericks, the lefty big man was forced to jack up a deep three and do his best Sam Perkins impersonation.

Fortunately for Jordan, the ball sailed in.

Naysayers and disgruntled Lakers fans will claim divine intervention was involved, but the fact remains that Jordan will no longer have a donut under the “3P” category on his career stat sheet. In the end, the Mavs routed the Clippers 129-99, but leastwise DJ netted his first (and perhaps only) trey of his NBA campaign.

Could “DeAndre 3000” eventually expand his range to the perimeter? Hit my line @MarkAGavigan.


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